“Hungering To Succeed”


The hunger of their hearts pulled a reality from the heart of God that they didn’t even know existed.”

(When Heaven Invades Earth ~Bill Johnson)

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I am not sure there is a stronger, driving force in man or animals then hunger or thirst. When one speaks of what man needs to survive at the most basic level usually the top three priorities are ‘food/water, shelter, and warmth’. In this discussion I will include the need for water and food as being the same, though really, in reality one can survive longer without food than water. The point is they are both driving and relentless; foundational needs that we were created with and can not survive without, plus they are both, in my mind closely related and somewhat synonymous.



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You and I as individuals with a soul and spirit as well as a body can not escape this principle of life– mentally, emotionally or physically for success to occur and even to live and breathe we must have a hunger driving us. Yesterday played out before thousands of peoples lives in their own homes we had just such an example of what a hunger to succeed can accomplish as many of us were privileged to watch the National Football Leagues’ Championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and my own home town Seattle Seahawks. It was a life and death struggle, not physically but in the sense that the loser would be eliminated from the chance of winning the pinnacle crown of a Superbowl Championship ,and their dream of being a ‘champion of the football world ‘would die. It was a very hard fought, emotional, and nail-biting spectacle to experience. The game went back and forth with the lead changing several times as the two hungry teams battled it out to the finish. In the end, for me the ‘good guys’ ; my beloved Seattle Seahawks won!


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Last night as I lay in bed attempting to sleep I could not seem to calm down from the days euphoria. As I restlessly lay there my mind  remembered the above passage from Bill Johnson’s book, ‘When

Heaven Invades The Earth’


The hunger of their hearts pulled a reality from the heart of God that they didn’t even know existed.”

(When Heaven Invades Earth ~Bill Johnson)


I have begun recently to study this ‘eye opening’ book in a small group. This very principle of ‘hungering’ , really jumped off the pages for me this past week. The need for a HUNGER is addressed in relationship to bringing the culture and power of heaven to our every day society in this book. I love how Bill Johnson states that it was those following Jesus whose HUNGER actually brought the reality of God down and into their lives to radically change them, even though they did not have it all figured out!. All football season long as I followed the Seahawks this principle of HUNGER was modeled to me and thousands of others in the Pacific Northwest and even the world by our team. Even though the Seahawks ended up with the best ‘won-lost’ record in the league they still had challenges to face and overcome. Injuries to key players, failed execution in performing their plays at times, then also some players who lost their focus  were sadly suspended, and even losing 3 times. What I am saying is just this, it was not always an easy road; they did not always have it all figured out , yet in the end their driving and relentless HUNGER to be the best in the world at this tough and at times unforgiving sport has placed them at the brink today of a World Championship. It is as if the HUNGER those players possessed each day from training camp in July till here in the last part of January DREW FORTH their best efforts & best talents to become champions even when they at times failed and did not have it all together.


This principle is the same for you and I as His children! We may face challenges, failures, and even seem confused and lost at times; however as long as we keep a HUNGERING HEART , HE– The Almighty Creator ,WILL PULL a success from our hearts and talents that will bring the Championship of ‘Ruling and Reigning’ in our individual everyday lives as well as to the entirety of this planet.


Keep Hungering Saint!!


Happy are those who Hunger & Thirst after Righteousness for they shall be FILLED.”~Matthew 5:6



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