“184Th Ave. PL. E.”

Nov 14

“184Th Ave. PL. E.”

As A Born – Again believer, I feel I have access to my heavenly Father. I can talk to him and I believe he talks to me; not necessarily in an audible voice (though I KNOW that happened to me at least once to prevent an accident), however in a still, small voice, impressed upon my heart or in words that come to my mind in different situations.
Having said that on my daily walk with our dog around our neighborhood last week God spoke a simple word to me. In my walks the past month or so I have begun to intercede for my neighbors; specific families I know, sometimes streets, play areas, or houses, etc,, As I came down my street toward the end of my walk I felt the Lord impress upon me to look up the numbers of my Street in both Psalms & Proverbs.

We live on “184th Ave Pl. E.”
So here are the verses.

Psalms 18:4 The sorrows of death compassed me, & the floods of ungodly men made me afraid

Proverbs 18:4 The words of a man’s mouth are as deep waters, & the WELLSPRING of WISDOM as a flowing BROOK

At first I was not sure why the verse in Psalms was hilited…However we live in a neighborhood called WILLOWBROOK. Willow trees usually grow and thrive by Brooks and their root systems go extremely deep, as they are extremely strong trees. I had been praying about God planting this community DEEPLY in Truth and bringing forth strong FRUIT of righteousness to be a light and witness to the rest of our town and especially for our children. I prayed (as I felt this really STRONGLY) for the safety and protection of our kids…so perhaps this is a prayer of deliverance of evils intended against us. We all know well in our culture that times are quite different from 40 years ago when I was a boy, it seems evil can take place at any time if we are not vigilant and alert to what is going on around us. (Psalm 18 concerns David’s deliverance from Saul attempting to kill him).

The passage in Proverbs made more sense to me. Willowbrook community has as a border Fennel creek and a water fall- Victor Falls. The picture of strong fruit growing in fertile ground came to my mind,,,fruits of the Spirit along with God’s deep wisdom to be given out as ‘desired and treasured Gifts’(My name Matthew means ‘Gift’) to neighbors…of course ‘the Man’ in the picture is ‘ME!’ …I believe he wants to speak deep words of Wisdom and life through me to my neighbors!!…Simple Huh!?….LOL. God wants to speak simple words of life, encouragement, and blessing to all of His Sons and Daughters that they might in turn be a blessing and asset to their communities as well.

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