“A Word In Season”

Dec 27

“A Word In Season”

A ‘Word In Season’….

James 1:25

But He/she who comes in humility (not in a ‘know it all attitude’),realizing their need & utter lack and looks intently and closely into The Finished & Complete Law of Liberty and’ homesteads’ in that place will be Blessed in ALL He/She Does (MPG’s expanded version)….

One of my favorite ‘chapters’ in The Nativity story since I was a young lad is of the How the 3 wise men; the Magi came from the East following a star to find Jesus in a Manger. I think, unlike we have been told their journey more than likely took 6 months to a year maybe more to complete.

That story from the Gospel of Matthew chapter 2, verses 1-12 always intrigued me as a young boy…I mean Really!? Three Mighty & wise stately men of their day; leaders of nations made a very long journey to see a baby!? They even brought expensive gifts; Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh the Bible states to pay this baby homage, that is to bow down and show honor .

I often would lay in bed at night after attending our churches Christmas Eve Service wondering what compelled these men to make such a long and arduous journey?

I think they KNEW something special & life altering awaited their meeting & worship of even a young Jesus. They came not as Kings, but as humble & hungry seekers of TRUTH, They came seeking the ONE – Jesus who WAS the author of THAT PERFECT LAW of LIBERTY James wrote about. I am sure they looked closely & intently upon Jesus & were forevermore Blessed because of it.

Then at this time there was also the evil King Herod who desired to ‘kill off Jesus’ worried about his Power possibly being over thrown. Of course the wise men were warned by an angel not to return to Herod and so Jesus life & mission of LIBERTY were preserved.

This Christmas Season lets be as those wise men humbling ourselves to receive The LIBERTY only Jesus can bring.Do not allow the hustle and bustle, & commercialism ‘kill off’ our connection to the REAL Meaning and INTENT of Christmas–TO BRING LIBERTY & BLESSING!!

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