Hello Folks the “Great Matt Geib” here!!

I want to share with you, The world, my Dreams, My Passions & The Gifts That God has Given me, in hopes that I can instill in you a passion to live a life that Really matters and counts for something special as I know The Infinite Creator intends for you!  With that in mind a simple ‘bio’ on who “The Great Matt Geib” IS.

I am a 56 year young man ….who lives in a bedroom community 45 miles SE of Seattle. Our town is ‘Bonney Lake’ sadly,, one of the 2 fastest growing areas in Washington State(I say sadly because they are taking down all the beautiful fields & forests that attracted us to this area 22 years ago when we moved here.) I have been happily married 33 years to my college sweetheart(Kim)…We have a lovely daughter Caitlin (23 yrs. old)…She  along with our 2 wonderful granddaughters (Natalie ,,7 yrs of age) &  Jeslyn (4 years old) live with us. We also have a 28 year old son Mark, who is away in the Navy.

I have a back round career-wise in Logistics/Distribution Management of 25+ years & have worked also voluntarily as a Pastor/Bible teacher as well. I have always loved various Marketing models as a side business over the years with varied success. I am very excited about being a part of this Community To Both learn & contribute.

Some of my interests include…

Bible Study & Research, History (Especially of the American Civil War), Marketing, Relationships & Building friendships, Journaling, Hiking, Swimming, Skiing, Fishing, Paling around with my  Granddaughters, Reading, Journaling, spending time with my family, working on & around my house, Music- Listening, singing, Playing both keyboard & Guitar.

I really look forward to getting to know all of you better as well as learn much together!

Matt Geib The Great!