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Frenemy according to dictionary.com was a word that evolved in about 2009, basically meaning an enemy who pretends to be your friend , or a friend who by their actions turns out to be or act as an enemy

Proverbs 17:17 A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

In Job 4-5 we can learn some lessons in what it means to be a true friend and the responsibility that comes with it.

Job was suffering and Eliphaz, cloaked in the guise of friendship, offered counsel. How many times have you received this type of counsel? How many times have you given this type of counsel? We will all have opportunities to speak into the lives of those around us. What message are you speaking?
Misguided counsel often comes from well-intentioned friends.

It is one of the biggest tools Satan uses to spread discouragement. Eliphaz was thought of as wise, but he was far from any biblical wisdom in his counsel to Job. Eliphaz is a good example of what not to do as a friend.

Here are 6 examples of how Eliphaz erred in his counsel to Job.

1. Haughty & Misguided Attitude ~ Job 4:1-2,5,
2. Theological Incorrectness ~ Job 4:7
3. False Spiritual Experiences ~ Job 4:12-21
4. Accusations ~ Job 5:3-5
5. Wrong Instruction ~ Job 5:8
6. Insensitive Clich├ęs ~ Job 5:17

When engulfed in suffering, words spoken can shed light or merely add to the pain. A friend who comes with a humble heart full of love and compassion has the ability to speak hope in the midst of anguish.
We can learn much from Eliphaz and his condemnation of Job. He is a clear case for what not to do. Sometimes in the suffering, it is the mere presence of a real friend who speaks no words that brings the greatest comfort.

How many solid & real friends do you have? A friend who will stick with us through anything is a blessing. Are you that type of friend?

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