“ Intentionally LIVING Joyfully Vulnerable To God’s Goodness”.

Oct 22

“ Intentionally LIVING Joyfully Vulnerable To God’s Goodness”.

In the last 18 months Life for me Has drastically changed!! Changed in an AWESOMELY better way! And so with that my BLOG ‘Matthewsmatters’ has been dormant for a while as I regathered some of my thoughts, feelings, & ideas that I wanted to ‘VOICE’ to the world. The post below comes from notes from my saved documents from the last year. I would say this ‘DECLARATION’ by Graham Cooke explains well some of the things that are going on in my life these days that I FEEL TRULY matter in Living a life of PURPOSE & MEANING. I believe Graham ‘hits the nail on the head’ for me in what my life should be about these days in this list.

Graham has called it..” LIVING Joyfully Vulnerable To God’s Goodness”….Yet for me I added the phrase ‘INTENTIONALLY LIVING’ because that is the life I now intend for myself.

This message was borne out of a period of physical trial in his life, where he became deathly sick in October 2009. In this time of testing and finding God in his circumstance Graham penned the following Declaration I will share, as I felt for me, it was a good creed to follow in the upcoming year and for the rest of my life.

1) I am going to live in a GRACE of God where ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, with NO chains on my Life.

2) I am developing and exercising a BOLDNESS of Spirit to press through for Greater BRAEAKTHROUGHS to bring Heaven to earth.

3) I am choosing to Live my life in CELEBRATION and to travel in the optimism of the Holy Spirit.

4) I am going to pursue freedom and excellence until I FULLY OCCUPY the space that’s been set aside for me in the Spirit.

5) I will be a pioneer for God and not a ‘settler’; I will explore new territories in the Spirit and take ownership of the land God has for me.

6) I will live fully in the PRESENT-FUTURE because I realize I will not succeed beyond my wildest expectations unless I begin my journey here.

7) I will embrace the Spirit of WISDOM upon me & pursue it as Daniel did.

8) I will be generous & extravagant with MY SUBSTANCE.

9) I choose to be a person of a NEW & DIFFERENT Spirit; I will love the battle, & relish the fight ; I will revel in the MAJESTY of Jesus.

10) I will edify, inspire, encourage, & make JOYFUL all people I meet regardless of their enmity or difficulty as a person.

11) I will experience the MOST FAVOR of God possible & extract the GREATEST VENGENCE on the enemy of my soul.


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