The Disease of Apathy

Oct 24

The Disease of Apathy

Revelation 3:16 So because you are merely lukewarm, I will SPEW you out of my mouth

Have you been stricken in your life with the ‘ Disease of Apathy’?

Over the years here are some of the debilitating symptoms I have witnessed in friends, associates, & family members, & heck even myself at times who have succumbed to this hideous affliction.

Apathetic folks sit on the fence about every issue that comes their way. They never have an opinion about anything, they can’t make decisions and are just plain ignorant as they seemingly ‘bury their heads in the sand’. They can’t hold smart conversations and are not open minded if it isn’t directly in relation to what they know. They think everyone should view life the way they view it. They are indifferent about everything and stand for nothing. They don’t read, they don’t educate themselves past “formal education” and they put no effort into how they present themselves. Even if they never achieve their highest potential this is okay with them because in a world so full of wonder and curiosity they have managed to find a way to be bored. Apathy is a silent killer.

So how does a person contract such a powerful epidemic? I would say, first of all folks who are in this state have lost their hope & joy in life because possibly they have failed or have lived in a relationship where they have been put down or criticized most of the time for not only their ideas, but also for having tried & failed in different things in life. They have lost their way & live in fear of ever caring or trying something again because their self-esteem has been so trampled & disrespected.

In the end we were never created to live in such a state, as I said earlier, ‘Apathy is a killer’ …left unchecked it will eventually lead to physical as well as emotional issues that may well indeed literally end your life.

However there IS a WAY OUT! Here are some ideas to consider that will help remedy & bring healing to this condition.

1)REALIZE you were wonderfully & uniquely Made By GOD!….

.In Psalms 139:13-14
, the Psalmist tells us .. ”You made all the delicate & inner parts of my body, & you knit them together in my mother’s womb…It is AMAZING to think about! ….and again in vs. 17 & 18…How precious it is, Lord, to realize that you are thinking about me constantly! I can’t even count how many times a day you are STILL THINKING of ME! & when I waken in the morning you are STILL thinking of me!
When God created you & I ‘ He broke the Mold’ as it were!….There is not another human being on this planet like you!…With your skills, talents, gifts & abilities , you were created to fulfill a specific place & purpose in this life that no one else can fulfill, so it doesn’t matter what anyone else says in the end because you have GOD’S STAMP of APPROVAL.

2) God has specifically created you for a PLAN & A PURPOSE….

In Jeremiah 29:11 the prophet Jeremiah prophesied these words….”For I know the plans I have for you , says the Lord . They are plans for GOOD & NOT for evil,,,to give you a FUTURE & A HOPE”!
Right here God says through Jeremiah he is GIVING you a HOPE & a FUTURE…One that will turn out for the best & bring Good. We just need to believe Him & receive this into our lives by FAITH! Cast off the evil pain & affliction of paralysis that besets you today ; that says you can’t succeed or are worthless; & believe that God has a new course of GOODNESS that you can begin to pursue today!

3) SURROUND yourself with those who will CELEBRATE you!

Sometimes I have found in life that a remedy for ‘Apathy’ may be as simple as just associating with & fellowshipping with those people & friends who encourage me; who point out & help cultivate my GOOD qualities & gifts, rather than always tell me when I am wrong or put me down.
Paul puts it this way in his encouragement of the Jewish Christians in Hebrews 10:24In response to all that He (Christ) has done for us , let us OUTDO each other in being HELPFUL & KIND to each other & DOING GOOD.
Now that to me is TRUE CELEBRATION of the Gifts & good qualities that are in another person or friend.So today begin to find a group of people, a fellowship or Church that will OUTDO themselves in seeing & recognizing the gems that God has placed inside of you. Cut off those from your life that always seek to hurt & put you down, if they are family members set up boundaries with them & no longer Tolerate words or actions of ridicule directed towards you.

In conclusion I leave you with one of my favorite portions of Scripture…

Philippians 4:8 FIX your thoughts on what is TRUE & GOOD & right. Think about things that are pure & lovely, & DWELL on the FINE & GOOD things in others. Think about ALL .you can Praise God for & BE GLAD about

As you begin to THINK about all the positive & Good qualities in yourself & your life you will begin to be healed & restored from an Apathetic state, finding new energy & purpose in you life.

If I can be of any service or help in your ‘recovery’ from Apathy or your life’s journey, please do not hesitate to contact me.

BE Blessed!

(all scripture quotes from ‘The Living Bible’ 1972 edition)

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