The Leading Of God

Oct 22

The Leading Of God

I think that many people want iron clad answers to all questions about spirituality. Like children they want the guardrails easily recognizable and defined. The reason for this is that it eliminates the necessity to have your answers for any given situation drawn from your personal interaction with God. It eliminates the necessity to be vulnerable. You can walk with God from a psychologically safe distance. This was the failing of the Hebrews on Mt Sinai. God called them into a grace covenant in which each person would have individual relationship with him and personal guidance from him.

Instead they insisted on a kinship covenant and then a vassal covenant in which the leading party sets the rules and the other follows. Just have the high priest get answers for us. We can stay outside of the presence of God. Now days let’s let our pastors do it. They can tell us what to do and how to act.

Christ’s death on the cross took us out of the Mosaic Covenant and placed us in the Grace Covenant with him. WE are all priests and all have individual walks with God. We are to be judged by God based on our relationship with him which includes the following of his leading. We are no longer subject to the accusations of the Law but live by the leading of the Spirit. We no longer obey an outward set of rules via a damaged character. The Spirit of God leads us. Of course, this is very heavily impacted by whether we accept the gifts Christ offered to help us in that goal.

Don’t use the gifts and your ability to be led of the Spirit will be minimal. You may accumulate a lot of head knowledge but the character transformation that Christ is calling for will be long coming if at all. The key to all things Spiritual is the leading of the Spirit. You can look for the answers in the word but God is not a book. He may go beyond His own word. He is not a legalist.

Many will say this is a dangerous way to walk with God. We do need tutors and governors until we come to a place of maturity to hear God clearly. We need guidelines to live by till we can identify accurately the voice of God and follow it. Too many people stop at the guidelines, principles and rules. They become inflexible and cannot move or understand a fluid dynamic of a God that is individual for every situation. Do not be deceived what you sow you will also reap.

Think you are mature? Really? Can you accurately walk with God, led by His Spirit in the face of the rules? Can you break them because God led you to do so? The only commandment in the New Testament / New Covenant is to love others as Christ loved us. Following this commandment, can you walk with Him beyond the rules? Are you willing to be completely dependent on personal interfacing with God for all of your answers?

(Not just a book about God but God himself. Not just what a talking head in a pulpit tells you to believe about God, but God himself)
DON’T EVEN JUST BLINDLY BELIEVE ME! Search it out from God himself. Take God’s dare and come close to him that you might feel and hear his beating heart and mind.

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