Tolerate or Celebrate?

Nov 26

Tolerate or Celebrate?

In keeping with Thanksgiving week I am THANKFUL that we can CELEBRATE our provisions, Abundance, & FREEDOM in the USA along with the ability to become ALL the person we were meant to be
In light of this I am ‘pondering this today’…..

I once heard a man say ‘Always go where you are 'CELEBRATED, NOT just TOLERATED'
So just a commendation & bit of a lesson here….Have the guts & courage to seek a way of life where FOLKS will CELEBRATE you, will love you & encourage you to follow you heart & BE (as the old Army commercial said) ALL YOU CAN BE!!

I commend my daughter Caitlin Wittler…7 months ago she left an employment situation where she was not only just Tolerated but basically criticized for her efforts; this coming from a gal (Caitlin)…who was regularly one of the top 3 sales producers in her company in this region, this coming from a gal …(my daughter) who in 5 years missed maybe 1 day of work, & this also coming from a gal (Caitlin) who could basically could run her whole office & several times did quite well I might add.

It seems we have heard in a little under 7 months EVERYONE in the office she worked with (possibly 20 folks) LEFT that company save the manager & one individual. The Manager was recently asked to leave …AND NO WONDER!! If you can not MANAGE folks in a positive, growth oriented way that CELEBRATES them , that respects them & honors them you have no more business Managing people than I have applying to play running back for the Seattle Seahawks.


Life is too short to stay in a situation where you are just TOLERATED….Go where the CELEBRATION of you as a person is encouraged , cultivated,& valued!!

Having shared the above story from my daughter’s life & relating that to placing your life in an & environment where you are CELEBRATED one of the best examples of truly CELEBRATING anothers life comes from this passage in the Bible:

Zephaniah 3:17 The Lord God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will REJOICE over you with GLADNESS, He will quiet you with His love, He will REJOICE over YOU WITH SINGING.

This is a prophecy from the prophet Zephaniah to God’s special people the nation of Israel, actually speaking of a future event close to the end of time when His people, Israel will be fully & finally restored to Him. God will be so full of Joy and happiness at this event that He will Rejoice and Sing over his people. The last phrase of this verse from the Hebrew language literally says:

“He will, Rejoice , sing , & TWIRL around you (them) with fullness of JOY”

Wow God dances over His people in CELEBRATION, singing of His LOVE for them!
I believe this is available to us as Christians today as His people! Why it is available as Jesus would say ‘To Whosoever WILL…!” God so longs to Love and celebrate His creation, that is you and I.
So today In this season of ‘Thanksgiving’, Go to the one who desires to CELEBRATE You as no earthly person can, allow him to sing, dance, rejoice, & shower LOVE all over you!

Now That is something to Be THANKFUL for.

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