“We Were ‘Chapelites’, Once…..and Young”

Oct 28

“We Were ‘Chapelites’, Once…..and Young”

It’s hard to believe this coming spring will be close to 30 years since I left a former major North West Church/Bible College in the Christian Community…there is still an ache in my heart over what happened, over the many folks I know who are not even Christians anymore that went there, & over what I believe should have been.
Through all these years since that time I remain eternally grateful for all I received from my time in that fellowship. As a very impressionable young man I traveled nearly 3000 miles from the Mid-West to follow a Call that I believe to this day was from God to Study His Word and more importantly come to KNOW Him better.

In this Christian community I was established in a firm spiritual foundation in my Faith that continues to this day. This group of believers fanned in me a flame of DESIRE to not only know God’s WORD but to imbibe it & Become The Word in my life. In this spiritual greenhouse environment I grew into much of the Man I am today. I began to learn what it is to be a ‘Man After God’s Own Heart’ , as David sang and most importantly, I learned to passionately pursue and encounter The LIVING GOD.

Sadly this spiritual house did not stand, and many were scattered to the four corners of the world. Today I am believing that God had a Purpose for each & every ‘Chapelite’ that still lives today and will one day come to fruition!

In memory of all this former time of both beauty and anguish here is a poem that came to me recently as I meditated on all of my experiences there…

We Were Chapelites once….and Young

We were chapelites once & young coming from all over the world with songs yet unsung

Hungry , excited for God we threw ourselves in , as it was NOT a façade

For hours we prayed in the prayer rooms and pews, for a new heart & mind that we hoped we would find

We studied & wrestled with precepts of God, debated, summated the ‘Groom & The Bride’’
Till all that remained was a stubborn elite pride

We were the Chosen, We were God’s Best, the ‘Warrior-Manchild’..To hell with the rest!

Then one day skipping & dancing came on the scene & we thought we’d be raptured
to heavens scene

Soon ‘Connections’ became quite the rage, yet many objections entered the stage

We celebrated & danced with our connections so dear till what we created became
A huge fear,

Sad to say the Great Kingdom crumbled & all fell all away , some with new spouses yet lives
All astray

The moral of the story to all who will hear to not give God’s Glory to a haughty Seer

To make sure you hold dear the Voice of God & NOT a mere man, to be contrite & broken
Attune to God’s plan

If this you will do your God you may SEE, but remain ever humble in His Mighty hand , less you be
Spewed out & judged in the land

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