“Wrapped Around Your Little Finger”

Nov 12

“Wrapped Around Your Little Finger”

Here is a WORD I believe God wants us to KNOW In this Hour……

Did you know that you have the FATHER of all Creation; of All things GOOD ‘WRAPPED around Your Little Finger!?”
As I was reading from Isaiah 40 this morning this word picture stood out to me…GOD zeroed in on it & reminded me just how special I am to Him.

The passage reads like this….

They that WAIT upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint.(Isaiah 40:31)

The rendering for the word WAIT in Hebrew has a root meaning of being ‘Bound, wrapped, or twisted together’. As I meditated upon this the Lord took me back to a time when Caitlin(my daughter) was a Toddler…the times that I spent with her rolling & playing on the floor, playing tea parties, dolls, reading books…at that time we were wrapped together as only a Father & Child could be…In those times it felt as though there was NOTHING I would NOT do for her as my my heart was so deeply connected in Love & Passion for & towards her…AND Yes I SPOILED Her Rotten!!…My Mother would often exclaim ‘Caitlin, has Matthew WRAPPED around Her Little Finger!’

So it is with GOD & each of YOU…He is so enamored , passionate & YES IN LOVE with you His own Sons & Daughters…‘YOU HAVE HIM WRAPPED AROUND YOUR LITTLE FINGER’ as it were…There is NOTHING He will not do FOR you to Make your Life ABUNDANT & Blessed…He is ACHING to pour HIS GLORY & GOODNESS out upon you & into every area of your lives as never Before.
Just spend time before Him, Let Him Love on you, Speak to you & Yes have FUN with you because THAT is what Fathers & Children are meant to do.


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