“A Tribute To Natalie”

Jan 03

I first wrote this post a couple of years ago….HERE is one of the folks matters most in my life My life, the lovely and talented Natalie Terese Wittler, my oldest granddaughter


Wow, How time flies by! To think it was 10 years ago this evening that our lives were so wonderfully and forever changed is hard to fathom. She came into this world at 11:33p.m. on the clear and very cold evening of January 2nd 2005.

Her name, chosen by her parents (our daughter and son-in-law) was ‘Natalie’; a very suitable and proper name for this beautiful creation. Being the ‘Word Connoisseur’ that I am I had already found, researched, and marinated on the origins and meanings of her name. With my back round in Theology the origin and meanings of names had always fascinated me as the ancient Hebraic and Greek cultures had named their sons and daughters with the idea of defining or setting in motion as it were what they sensed was the character and destiny that the Creator had intended for the child they had been blessed and entrusted to raise and nurture to adulthood.

The name ‘Natalie’ is derived from an old Latin word ‘natalis’ meaning ‘birthday’ or from the old church Latin ‘Christmas day’ alluding to the birth of Christ and a new beginning for the world.

natalie christmas cookie

For me and what I have come to know in these ten short years about Natalie it was fitting for her to come into the world on the second day of a New Year, when at this time many are planning a ‘new beginning’ or new path to the start the year. A birthday is a time for a celebration of all that is new, fresh, and exciting as well as a time for reflection on all that has passed on before. The day that one is born or ‘birthed’ into this world is a new creation of a personality and essence that has never been ; it is a time of celebrating and honoring the potential of what I would like to call a New CREATIVE SOURCE or CENTER that has been given to our world for a specific goal or purpose —that is to make the world a better place for all.



Revelation 21:5 And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.

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