“Ferguson Fiasco”

Dec 12

“Ferguson Fiasco”

The More and more I Ponder The Ferguson Fiasco…the more it saddens me. It seems our culture has shifted so much in their views in the past 40 years of what is right and what is wrong, what is Black and what is white (no pun intended)….We no longer Value TRUTH and Goodness, we no longer see authority as in Police and the military etc. as organizations to bring security, righteousness and law and order, and hence Peace to us so we can enjoy prosperous lives….Has it really been all that long ago when the policeman on your block making his rounds for your safety was considered a trusted friend!? Heck, I remember in my small mid-west town my parents giving the patrolling officers cookies and hot chocolate at Christmas and other gifts all year long. My parents appreciated the peace we felt by the officers presence and that was in a time (late 60’s) when bad incidents rarely occurred.

So fast-forward to today in our time, a white officer defends himself and kills a black man attempting to take his gun and there is such an outrage that HE …the officer was the evil one!, that what he did was wrong.

I find this both a sad and repulsive response for a man that I am sure took an oath to protect the people of the community he served. He put his life on the line and was basically castrated for it…I don’t think he will ever work in Law Enforcement again and who knows what kind of career he will have? And what of his family I am sure they will suffer the rest of their lives as well.

Five years ago around Thanksgiving in a neighboring community here in the Seattle/ Tacoma area I live in 4 police officers were gunned down in cold blood at a coffee stand, again by a Black man. I ask today where were all the protests in the streets over that, who is mourning for those families and all they have lost and suffered?

I do not have all the answers, I do believe there are still many issues related to racism that block us all of every race and color from clearly seeing the Truth at times, however surely we must come together and have an understanding of what is right and wrong regardless of race or color.. It seems to me the time is long overdue to put the opinions of the media aside, to put color and race aside and come together over all that is good and do what is right for all.

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