“Healing for The Brokenhearted”~ From ‘Waking The Dead’~Eldredge

Dec 09

“Healing for The Brokenhearted”~ From ‘Waking The Dead’~Eldredge

In this post I would like to begin a new series for which I have created a new ‘Category’ that I have titled ‘Book Study’. Once or twice weekly I will write a synopsis of a current book I am reading and studying; what I am learning and any important insights I have gained.

presently I am leading a small group at my church through a weekly study of ‘Waking The Dead’ written by John Eldredge (2003). I feel so strongly about the content in this wonderful book! For me, this is my third time through the book in the last 18 months and it has truly been enlightening, life-transforming, and Mind- Blowing material! To me this should be a MUST READ for every Born Again Believer; you will never AGAIN look at yourself, your God, or your life EVER the same…YOU WILL BE TRANSFORMED as never before IF you read with an open and willing heart!

Enough said about that for now…Here is how I will handle my different posts on the book. Since I started the study with my group in September we are now up to chapter 8, so that is where I will begin my weekly insights. The chapters in the book, can be read as an almost individual ‘book’ within themselves, as they each touch on a new topic and so with that said I will eventually come back to the beginning of the book, so hold on for a ‘WILD & EXCITING, MIND-BLOWING’ ride!!!

Here is a QUESTION I am dealing with this week as I prepare for our Thursday evening ‘Waking The Dead Class’

Isaiah 61:1 The Spirit the Lord God is upon me, Because the Lord has anointed me To bring good news to the afflicted ; He has sent me to BIND UP THE BROKENHEARTED..

In the above passage the prophet Isaiah prophetically proclaims the ministry of Jesus…In fact Jesus went into the synagogue & read this passage (Luke 4:18-20) saying his ministry would be the fulfillment of this passage…That HE was that anointed ONE.

So, as we are studying in chapter 8 of ‘Waking The Dead’ `Deep Restoration’, we are see the whole tenor of this chapter is that Jesus wants us to Be totally HEALED & RESTORED from any areas in our hearts that have been Broken (AND WE ALL have them)…He wants to come into those areas & put all the pieces back together again as if our heart was never BROKEN ….Interesting the word for broken in Hebrew means ‘To Be Totally Shattered, crushed, quenched….one Hebrew interlinear gave the meaning as to be ‘crushed as into a fine powder’…I’d say it is a true ‘Humpty Dumpty’ situation, in the natural IMPOSSIBLE to restore…so Jesus can miraculously heal us in these areas..

However in Psalm 51:17 David says the sacrifices of God are a BROKEN Spirit;& a BROKEN & contrite HEART…..the same term in Hebrew (Shabar) is used for Broken here as in Isaiah above.

So how do we HARMONIZE this?…In Isaiah we are promised restoration for our Broken Hearts…yet in Ps. 51 David Implores us that we must have BROKEN hearts to come before God.

Just what are your Thoughts?

You can share them in the comments, as I am a firm believer that Each and every SAINT has God-given insight to share…..No one is more important than the other in God’s Kingdom, we can all learn from one another!

Stay Tuned for some of my answers in a day or so.

Be Blessed!

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