“There’s Sin on the Floor!”

Feb 15

“There’s Sin on the Floor!”

“Grace in a culture gives sin that resides in people’s hearts an opportunity to manifest.” {Bill Johnson ~iBethel, Redding, California}

Lately I have started re- reading Danny Silk’s book ‘The Culture of Honor’. He is one of the Pastor/Teachers that have worked alongside of Bill Johnson at Bethel Church in Redding California for many years. In the past two years through my church, Passion Worship Center of Bonney Lake Washington I have basically had life resuscitation, spiritually speaking because of the plethora of spirit led, life transforming information I have been blessed to receive through both my local church as well as Bethel Church. We at Passion Worship Center are in association and close relationship with Bethel. My pastor, Chris Bassett has said several times that Bill Johnson of Bethel had become a spiritual Father and Mentor to him several years ago when he first heard Bill at a conference and so Passion Worship Center decided to begin association with Bethel Church and come under their apostolic covering.

In light of our exposure as a church family to Bethel Church about every quarter we read a couple of their Pastor’s books, in attempting to set a foundation for what we hope to both accomplish in our personal fellowship as well as our community of Bonney Lake. ‘The Culture of Honor’ is one of these books.

Of the books I have gone through with my church I had found ‘The Culture of Honor’ to be the hardest for me to grasp, spiritually speaking and so I am attempting to peruse it’s pages yet again to see if I might gain further insights. As the title shows the main theme of this book is of course, ‘HONOR’; that is how to cultivate and convey honor not only to the Body of Christ but to our communities and world as well.

Earlier in the week I came upon this passage from the book ( “Kingdom Confrontation”~chapter 7).

“When we live in a place of love and acceptance, and are applying God’s unconditional love to people’s lives 100% of the time, the sin that lies dormant in people’s lives or that people have been hiding will come out and end up on the floor.”

I remember reading that the first time and doing a double take!! I did not get that at all! Did Silk mean to infer just by gathering with other believers in this kind of ‘honoring community’ that my sins would automatically flow out of me and others could not help but take notice!? I mean would this be like one summer when I was attempting to replace the water line to my wife’s washer and I could not get the water to shut off? Wow, what a mess I made of our laundry room; both maddening and embarrassing for me! As I read this for the first time I was in dread and consternation as well as a bit of skepticism.

I nervously laughed to myself and said out loud, “That will NEVER happen to me! Why that is impossible and even if it were possible I would NEVER allow myself that embarrassment in front of folks.
So here I sit today more than a year later and once again I face this conundrum of a question.
A lot has changed for me (hopefully for the better), I think I am beginning to get an inkling of what the author was intending here in these profound words. The ‘walls’ for me have crumbled a bit; I no longer feel fear and embarrassment and instead of reacting defensively in skepticism I am beginning to believe that not only is this possible for me , but that this should be a very healthy and natural thing to occur in a real vital and alive community that practices HONOR.

So what does Silk really mean then by these words that conjure up a real ‘MESS’ in my mind, and just HOW will this occur?

I have simply been praying about this question, this week and this morning these thoughts came to my heart.

When you and I actually make a choice to fully participate in a real Culture of Honor, throwing in as it were as best as we can with our WHOLE Heart this process of sin just flowing out of us automatically that we might be fully restored & set in positions of Honor and esteem cannot HELP but take place this –is the start of TRUE Transformation.

Here are my thoughts on what makes this possible and how it might look.

A true Culture of Honor speaks of a Culture where we place a High value, worth or Price upon the life, heart and personality of another. The very root meaning of Honor is VALUE or To Be Highly Esteemed. When we are in this environment, fully giving of ourselves not only do we Esteem (LOVE), Respect, expect the best from, and protect each other’s hearts; we ourselves feel, experience, and are secure in the knowledge that we are being treated in this same manner by our brothers and sisters in Christ. We feel safe, secure, appreciated—we FEEL and KNOW we are loved and that everyone in this community has our best interests at heart.

These character traits and fruits from God’s Spirit are what I am personally seeing exuded from the lives and nature of those who have ‘tapped in’ to God’s source of Honor in a Culture of Honor.
Radiance, unending hope, confidence, Living and Expressed Faith, excited expectation, abundance, joy, fun, laughter, Wild passion for God and one another, Instant miracles, Love, acceptance for who we are even when we stumble, peace, courage, boldness, known destiny, purpose, empowering grace , fulfillment, God’s presence and Power, wisdom, victory, freedom, safety, respect, appreciation, an answer or solution for every problem or obstacle life might bring our way, feeling and being treated clean and righteous, and finally , hunger for more of the same!!:-)

This is an Empowering, Life Transforming atmosphere—CULTURE in which truly ALL things becomes possible for the individual!! Today I am not only seeing this but I am beginning to EXPERIENCE this in my life as well. In a community or culture such as this, one senses and feels deep down inside or as my gramps use to say ‘In every fiber of their bones!’ this HONOR from his brethren.

Because we now Know, that we know ,that we know these Things are TRUE and a tangible reality we begin to feel safe and secure and confident that we CAN NOT FAIL, that we are Loved and accepted for who we are and the gifts God has given us to share with the community and the world. We begin to be empowered to become the Sons and Daughters God always desired us to be and our dreams are birthed into existence!


So in conclusion when we can see and taste of this kind of culture and are permeated in this atmosphere for an extended period of time we cannot help to live authentically in integrity and so with hardly an afterthought our sins, struggles and short comings are free to come out among the brethren in an environment where we can receive both Love and Restoration. It may be a bit messy and unpredictable yet there will be life Transformation that can occur almost naturally and with seemingly easy, loving effort. Like the Prodigal son we can confidently come before God’s People of Honor and be openly loved, healed, and restored to our rightful place of destiny and Honor.

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